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Are you experiencing any of these?

**Are you in a bad marriage and don't know what is wrong or how to fix it?**
But you want to fix it!

**Are you in a bad marriage and want to get out of it?**
But do not want to lose all your life's savings and profits!

**Are all your friends and family avoiding you
because all you want to talk about is your divorce?**

**Can your ex still get you angry, upset or anxious and you want it to stop.**

**Is your ex using dirty tactics to get an advantage in court?**

**Is your lawyer worried that you will jeopardize your case
because you will be too upset or angry in court?

**Are you getting into the same bad relationships over and over again?**

**Is your Staff losing your Customers and Sales because of their
Poor Communication Skills?**

**Do you have a Board of Directors that spends more time fighting amongst themselves than working together to run the organization?**

**Do you dread going into work because of bullying?**

At the Relationship Resolution Centre, Inc. we specialize in all types of Relationships.
*Dating, Partner, Marriage, Divorce, Workplace*

What is the difference between classic relationship counselling and
what we offer at the Relationship Resolution Centre, Inc.?

First, we help you to understand the dynamics of your relationship
so it is less emotionally hurtful.

Then, we teach you the skills so that YOU can improve your relationship!
This IS the difference!


- Divorce Mediation for couples whom have decided to separate or divorce.
Cheaper, Faster, Healthier.

- Divorce Recovery Coaching to help you understand why your marriage broke down and
to gain control over your anger, sadness or anxiety of your divorce.

- Divorce Recovery Coaching to help you understand behaviours and tactics
that your ex CAN AND WILL use against you!

- Family Mediation to assist separated couples to establish a positive Parenting Plan
or Step-Parenting Plan.

- Workplace Mediation to Board of Directors and Senior Management to address divisions amongst Board Members and re-establish purpose and code of conduct of the Board.

- Training for HR Personnel to assist their employees understand
the cause of Workplace Bullying.

- Training for HR Personnel to assist their employees going through a separation or divorce




Janet McCredie is the author of the forthcoming book
"Someone Stop Me, I'm About to Marry the Wrong Person."
Available in late 2015.



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Daytime, evening and,
as of November 1st, some weekend appointments available.

Love better! Live together better! Leave better!
We can show you how!